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Optional tours for the paradise of Chiang Mai Trip article
 More optional tours of the Paradise of Chiang Mai package.
You can swith day 2 of the Paradise package with this following options

From the itinerary of the Paradise of Chiang Mai Package,

Half Day Tour
Day 1 Transfer / Chiang Mai History Hall / local market / Doi Suthep temple/ Khantoke dinner
Full Day Tour Day 2 Elephants at work / Queen Sirikit Botany Garden / Waterfall / hilltribe villages
Half Day Tour Day 3 Handicraft Center / Hot Spring / transfer
 Half Day Tour
You can replace Day 1 and Day 3 of Chiang Mai Paradise tour with these following tours ; 
1. Doi Suthep Mountain Trek 

Doi Suthep track is worth climbing for its history, tradition and nature.

First of all, in the year 1383, King Kuena (the 6th King of Chiang Mai) brought the Buddha’s relic from Sukhothai. He put the relic on the back of his sacred elephant and let it walk freely along this track to a random place to establish. Doi Suthep Temple. (Referring to the history of Doi Suthep Temple)

Before the new road was built, Chiang Mai Buddhists used this track to go for worshiping Doi Suthep Temple.
Then,as nowadays, Buddhists also use this track once every year, on Visakha Bucha Day (the full moon Buddhist day), for walking up to Doi Suthep Temple. A tradition called in Lanna Language “Pawenee Tiew Kheun Doi”.

Finally,this track, located in Doi Suthep – Pui National Park, is abundant of mountainous plants and wild flowers. The peaceful forest, singing birds, colourful butterflies and refreshing waterfalls can exactly melt your tension.

: 8.30 – 12.15 or 13.00 – 16.45
Note : The morning time is most recommended because of finer weather and betterlight for taking pictures.
Itinerary :

8.30   Pick up from your hotel and head to the foot of the mountain.
9.00   Start trekking with our experienced tour guide who will tell you all about the nature there.
10.30 Arrive at Phalad Temple. At the middle point of your trek, take a break and enjoy swimming at the waterfall.
11.00 Take a look around the temple and continue trekking. Climb up the steeper track to the peak of Doi Suthep (1053 metres above the sea level).
11.45 Arrive at your destination. You might visit the temple and see the splendid view of Chiang Mai City.
12.15 Back to your hotel.

Tour includes :
Air-conditioned transportation.
Tour guide
Drinking water
Entrance fee.

2. The Ping River Boat Trip

Since long Scorpion-Tailed boats were used as cargo boats sailing between the northern region and Bangkok. Almost a century ago they disappeared from the river when the northern railway-route arrived at Chiang Mai. Today they are brought back to life to serve tourists cruising along the Ping River.

The first boats were built approximately in the 18th century by a local shipbuilder who got the idea from a boat-shaped coconut shell floating in the river with a scorpion on it.The scorpion’s instinct makes that it holds up its barbed tail all the time.So the original one was built following the sight of what he saw.

Time : 8.30 – 11.30   or   13.30 – 16.30


8.30 Transfer tourists to the Wat Sri Khong’s boat landing,Then tourists are given a brief about the historical background of the boat.The river cruise offers lively views of several historical places along the riverbanks, such as:a white chedi that locals call Gew in front of the municipality,a girdered-footbridge sapan the river between the oldest trader community of Wat Gate and Warorot Market, Chiang Mai’s oldest shopping center.The Chang pier(where hundreds of elephants were used to haul logs from the river in the old days),site of the first city’s : First bridge, First Christian church, First post office, and many more attractions including lifestyles of the local people who lived along both sides of the river.

During the trip,the tourists can experience the atmosphere of the past, learn the story of the banks of the river, hear some of the clever fishing techniques of local fishermen, and see pictures from a century ago until the present, all explained by staff who are specialized in this field.

The trip takes between a half-hour to two hours. Delicious desserts shall be served for free during a short break and relax at the Scorpion – Tailed boat village set in tropical fruits garden by riverside.

10.30 Back to your hotel.

Tour includes :
English speaking guide
Desserts during the trip
River Cruise’s ticket

3. Haripunchai temple & Underwater city

Hariphunchai, established in the reign of King Atittayaraj , is the most famous and beautiful temple in Lamphun. It is situated at the center of the city. Visitors will be impressed by the elegant 46 metre tall golden pagoda with pure gold umbrellas (6.5 kilograms) at each corner.

Wiang Kum Kam, a settlement long before it became King Mangrai's capital around 1287-90. Frequent flooding caused Mangrai to move, but the place remained important throughout the Lanna period. The site was later buried under mud when the river changed course during the Burmese period. The area was restored as a historical park during the 1980's. Surrounded by paddy and village houses, the extensive site has a pleasant rural feel.

Time : 8.30 – 11.30 or 13.00 – 16.00


8.30 Pick up from your hotel.
9.00 Head to Lamphun, the peaceful and charming city which is famous for longans (Thai fruits) and lovely women.
9.30 Visit Hariphunchai, the brilliant temple at the center of Lamphun.
10.00 Keep going on to Wiang Kum kam. Take a look round by a tram.
11.30 Back to your hotel.

Tour includes :
Air-conditioned transportation.
Tour guide
Entrance fee.

4. Basic Buddhist Meditation course

The mental exercise known as meditation is the foundation of what the Buddha taught. Meditation practiced in Buddhism creates inner peace and self stability.

Chiang Mai is the favorite place for western students toward Buddhism for a long time. They are especially interested in meditation practice. Two basic systems of meditation are Samatha and Vipassana which aims to clean up your mind to be calm and more concentrated.

Time : 8.30 – 11.30


8.30 Pick up from your hotel.
9.00 Arrive at the temple. The monk teacher explains about Buddhist meditation.
9.30 Question & Answer time.
10.00 Practice sitting and walking meditation.
11.00 Offering to the monk and he will bless you to have good luck.
11.30 Back to your hotel.
Tour includes : Experienced tour guide, transportation, the monk instructor, offerings.

5. Basic Muay Thai (thai boxing) course

Thai Boxing or Muay Thai is the most famous Thai martial art for more than hundred years. Different from other martial arts, during 15 minutes each round on the ring, the fighter can use several parts of the body. For example; elbow, knee, foot and fist to knock out the opponent.

Before the competition begins, the two fighters dance on the ring with particular music so as to respect their teacher, religion and family. This dancing is called “Wai Kru” or “Ram Muay”

Thai boxing course is popular and exciting for people who would like to strengthen their muscle, self discipline and meditation.

Time : 8.20 – 12.00


8.20        Pick up from your hotel.
9.00   Arrive at the Thai boxing camp. A coach gives necessary information about Muay Thai.
9.30   Question & Answer time.
10.00 Practise how to use fist, elbow, knee and foot to attack the opponent.
12.00 Back to your hotel.

Price includes : Experienced tour guide, transportation and a qualified coach.

6. Tiger Kingdom

Enjoy playing with friendly tigers in Tiger Kingdom. You will be able to get in their cage, take a photo and play with them closely. (The entrance fee of each cage is excluded.) Then have lunch at the open-air restaurant, surrounded by tigers.

7. Hanging around for handicrafts shopping

Chiang Mai is not only the capital of Lanna(northern Thailand), but handicraft also. Since 1286, King Mangrai established Chiang mai. He herded people, particularly variety kinds of artisans, from other regions to live in Chiang Mai.

Our tour guide would take you to the sources of production or factories who can ensure the quality and reasonable price for handicrafts.

Time : 8.30 – 12.00 or 13.00 – 16.30

After the tour guide picks you up from the hotel, he will take you to factories, at your interest, to demonstrate how to produce each crafts. The tour guide will translate for you to deal with the local artisans.
Tour includes : Experienced tour guide and air-conditioned transportation..

Full Day Tour
You can replace Day 2 of Chiang Mai Paradise tour with these following tours ;

1 . Elephant Safari

Time : 8.00 - 17.00

08.00  Pick up from your hotel. Then head off to Mae Taeng elephant camp .
9.30 Enjoy with the elephants at work , hauling timber logs, playing and bathing in cool streams.
10.00 Ride an elephant for 1 hour across the river and jungle to visit Lisu Tribe village. Learn their interesting lifestyle before riding an ox cart
back to the camp.
12.00 Have lunch at the elephant camp.
13.00 Enjoy the bamboo rafting
along Mae taeng river for 45 minutes. You will be impressed with calm and cool river and nice surrounding along the raft.
14.00 Stop by at a colorful orchid and butterfly farm
16.00 Back to your hotel


2. Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle

Time : 7.30 - 21.00

7.30  After breakfast, pick up from your hotel. Go to chiang Rai.
10.00 Visit Yao or Mien hill tribe villages
. Yao is one of the few Hill tribe people who have their own written language, derived from historical Chinese lettering. Mien women are easily recognised by their characteristic dress. They wear a large flowing black coat, tied at the back. A large red muff lines the front of the coat.
12.00  Have lunch at a fine local restaurant.
13.00  Visit the Golden Triangle
where the borderlines of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet. This place used to be the famous opium business center where was purchased with gold.
15.00 Continue your trip to Mae Sai
, the northern most city of Thailand and its border of Myanmar. Enjoy your shopping at a local market. (Crossing the border is optional.)
18.00  Back to Chiang Mai.
21.00 Arrive at Chiang Mai. We drop you off at your hotel.

3. White Water Rafting

Time : 8.00 - 17.00

Explore an unspoiled area away from tourist areas by white water rafting along Mae tang cool and clear river. Enjoy trekking to hilltribe villages and elephant riding. The level of this river is around 3-4. Exciting to do the raft with no danger.

4. Inthanon National Park

Time : 8.30 - 17.00

08.30  Travel to Doi Inthanon , the highest mountain of Thailand( 2,600 Mts. from sea level). Visitors will be fascinated by the beauty of views surrounding by mountains.
11.30 At the Ang Kha nature trail, you will fall in love with a variety of green plants which have the same species with the plants in Himalaya mountain such as moss, wild roses, wild orchids, etc.
12.00 Have lunch at a local restaurant.

13.00 Climb up to Noppametineedol and Noppapolphumesiri Shrines which represent the faith of Thai people to Their Majesties the King and Queen of Thailand. Visitors can be admired with the panoramic scenery of the border of Chiang Mai and Lamphun provinces on the pagodas as well.
14.00 Visit the Royal Project where many winter flowers and fruits from all over the world are planted. You can take this chance to visit Mong and Karen village because they are located near the royal project.
15.00 On the way back to your hotels, we will stop over at the white rapids of famous Wachiratan waterfalls.      


17.00 Back to your hotel.


Thai Cookery course

Thai food has become an exquisite part of our culinary repertoire. The delicate blend of exotic herbs, spices, fruits and fresh ingredients makes Thai foods stand out as one of the world's most flavourful cuisines, striking a perfect balance of sweet, spicy, sour, and savoury tastes. The common herbs used as food ingredients are kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lemon grass, coriander roots, garlic, shallot, lime and chili.
Thai food is not only delicious but healthy as many herbs are ingredients. It is esteemed as one of the top five popular food of the world.
Many travelers come to Thailand just to learn how to cook. Foreign chefs usually come for recipe inspiration.

Time : 10.00 – 15.00


10.00 Pick up from your hotel.
10.30 Arrive at the cookery school. Choose ingredients from their own garden.
11.00 Start the course followed the menu of each day.
12.00 Break for your own cooked lunch before the class continues in the afternoon.
14.30 Back to your hotel with upper weight.

Tour includes :

    Individual attention from experts
    Entertaining hands-on session, limited to 8 people
    Authentic gourmet dishes
    Detailed recipe handouts
    Relaxing ambience
    Affordable fees
    Transportation included

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