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Clients' feed back

Thank you for every testimonials of Destiny' s clients.
We are looking forward to serving you again in the future.


CY Tan  4 Adults 2 chd.                                                            Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai - Mae Hong Son 7 days 6 nights


Dear Khun Watinee,
Thank you for the tour arrangement.
My family and I enjoy our trip very much and our tour guide khun Saap has taken very good care on all of us.
We are really enjoying the culture, scenery, stay, food (my kids always says “a roi mak mak” ^^), weather, language (my kids learn some Thai word such as “Sawasdee Krab”, Krob Khun Krab”, etc and they are very enjoying saying it every day when they met with local people) and the friendly people of northern Thailand.
This will be definitely a memorable trip for all of us for long long time. Actually my wife has taken note along our trip and my kids will make an album with description.
Wishing Destiny Travel all the best and hope we will meet again. (Actually we do not meet in this trip na. ^^)
Once again, “Khob Khun Mak Krab” to you, Khun A and also Khun Saap!




Lydia Ong  10 Adults                                                             Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai 5 days 4 nights


Good arrangement. The tour guide & driver is professional. Everything is fine & will recommend for my friends.




Ulises Caraballo  2 Adults              Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai - Mae Hong Son 7 days 6 nights


Awesome time. We really experienced a different Thai life. Better than the city life by far. We met the most graceful and friendly people we ever seen. Not enough words for Udom "The Tour Guide". He took care of us and shared some of his knowledge. Great sites, outstanding food and excellent accommodations. We are already planning to come back and cann't wait to share the wonderful experience we attained.Thank you so much.




Jun Kee Soo Ling  4 Adults                                                                      Chiang Mai 4 days  3 nights


We are very surprised that we can have a wonderful holiday here. Apple & Liao  are helpful and friendly. We hope that our next visit in Chiang Mai will be served by them and of course we will choose "Destiny Travel Service"

Thank you.




Khor Lip Mei  9 Adults 1 chd.                                    The Paradise of Chiang Mai 5 days  4 nights


Tour operator was helpful and has prompt reply for everything.

Tour guide was helpful, caring, polite and has excellent service and indeed knowledge of local place & interest.




Hamisah Tomari  5 Adults 2 chd.                                                             Chiang Mai 6 days 5 nights


Hi Sarinya,
Greetings from Singapore! Its me Hamisah. On behalf of my family, we would like to thank you for coordinating our tour in Chiangmai exceptionally well. You epitomise great service; replying my mails promptly, explaining things in detail, as well as addressing our concerns effectively. We would also like to thank you for providing us with a super tourist guide and driver.
Suthatip, or Apern as we called her, speaks English very well. She never fails to appear cheerful even when she did not have enough sleep. She was very charming to my kids, and they simply adores her. And they are missing her now =). Apern is very accommodating, casual and let us experience the tour at our own pace. She always let us know our options in recommending things to do and places to go. She went the extra mile in making us comfortable and getting to know members of my family, thereby making everyone comfortable with her.
Lak, our driver was also such a fine person. Although he could not speak English, he was very accommodating to our needs in wanting to go to specific places. He even took the trouble to look for halal eateries even at places not so familiar to him, so that we could have our meals with peaceful mind. He is also a careful driver, who showed his concern in asking us if we need any breaks during the road journeys.
Yes, you did give us a memorable experience in Chiangmai. My husband loves your city so much he intends to bring the family there again perhaps end of the year. Oh yes, the souvenirs you gave us was a pleasant surpise and indeed a nice gesture, which does not feel like a parting gift, but more of a welcome-back enticement. The figurines for my kids are something which they remember Apern by.
Last but not least, hope to engage your service again when we visit Chiangmai and hopefully Apern & Mr Lak would still be around to show us around your beautiful city. Thank you so much for the great service and beautiful memories. And for sure we will recommend your agency to our friends and relatives if they are visiting Chiangmai.
Warmest regards
Hamisah Tomari




Mr.Jaruwat Suvanaka (Mr.Ashok & Party)   3 Adults The paradise of Chiang Mai Trip ( 3 Days-2 Nights)


Thank you for your good service and taking care our customer, they are very appreciated with your service and good arrangement for the trip...

however, next time if I have customer visit and would like to travel to changmai, I will request lyou again for the arrangement..




Ms. Pany & party   5 Adults 1 chd.  7 days 6 nights, The Great Kingdom Northern Round Trip


Excellent tour guide & driver. Very happy with our program. Will definitely recommend to our friends & family. Thank you!!!




Vittorio   1 Adult                                                   The paradise of Chiang Mai Trip ( 3 Days-2 Nights)


In general, very good service




Ms. Michele & party   3 Adults                                 Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son 3 days 2 nights


It's very good, the tour and the guide.




Keith Hong  2 Adults                                         The paradise of Chiang Mai Trip ( 3 Days-2 Nights)


Excellent tour package with reasonable price.




Mr. & Mrs. Roberts  2 Adults                        The paradise of Chiang Mai Trip ( 3 Days-2 Nights)


Standard of service and organisation was excellent. A really enjoyable stay in Chiang Mai. Total stay was overall very good. Thank you.




Elena Strohl & friend   3 Adults                  The paradise of Chiang Mai Trip ( 3 Days-2 Nights)


Guide awesome, very knowledgeble. Everything's great!




J.P.Goswami  2 Adults                                                                     Chiang Mai Trip ( 4 Days-3 Nights)


We appreciate the friendly and caring nature of the travel group. We will publish the tour to our friends colleagues.




Dr.Barbara & Mr.Brian  2 Adults  Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai – Mae Hong Son 7 Days 6 Nights


I was very impressed at the level of commitment of Watinee to ensure that our tour was high quality. I was also impressed with our wonderful guide and driver, their courtesy, knowledge and professionalism! Highly recommended for both! Kob Koon Ka!